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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another Project Today, Tomorrow the Tree

I stayed up late last night doing this...

The red is so pretty and shiney.
It makes me smile. 

I recently bought this quilt at the flea market for $40.
It's hand stitched and has so much red in it
that I couldn't resist.

This is gonna be my Christmas corner. 
I'll add some red pillows and some stuffed toys 
for the Grandloves to play with. 
Maybe Callie Cat will stay off of it...

The window seat has sat empty for 3 years now.  
After Christmas, I intend to get someone to make me 
pillows and a cushion from nice fabric.  

Today was a good day. 
I helped a friend.
We went thrifting.
I listened.  She listened. 
We shared.
I taught a Bible class.
We prayed together.

Isn't that what community is all about?

Tonight I am at peace.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Trees in Candyland

Putting on the finishing touches.

I forgot I had this in the closet. 
It was my mama's.
It was on the TV every Christmas.  
When we divided my parent's things, 
we could only find the tree top. 

I wanted it anyway.
When the sell of the house was final, 
imagine my delight when I found the base.

I made a banner!
Strips of cloth cut from a pack of material from HL.
Yarn wrapped around a square piece of cardboard,
tied in the middle, cut at both ends and tied to the twine.

I could have drapped it from end to end
but I liked the fluff. 

One more add,

a bow for the wreath.

Something's missing.


I think I'll call this
Christmas trees in Candyland.

Okay, maybe I'll drape the banner.  
Too bunchy.

Hope my posts always bring a smile to your face 
and chase the gloomies away. 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I Will Not Make a Mad Dash to the Mall

I really don't like the crazies of the holidays.

A mad dash to the mall + road rage + push and shove + 
grab and poke + long lines + exasperated customers and disgruntled employees
one crazy, unstable, extreme woman

This year I'm not going to do it. 

I'm buying on-line.
I'm shopping local during the middle of the day
when the crowd is away.

I want to get all of my decorating 
done before Thanksgiving.  

I know!  Don't shoot me down!
My daughter and her husband are coming 
and they won't be home for Christmas. 

Today I went to Hobby Lobby. 

This is my start.

The first thing I got out was my mama's candy dish. 
She kept kisses or peppermint candy all year round. 
This year I have both, candy cane kisses.

I found one of my Santa mugs pushed to the back of a cluttered shelf.
I got the brush tree today at Hobby Lobby.
Yes, I copied Pinterest!

I have wanted trees like this for years. 
Today was my day-all Christmas 1/2 at Hobby Lobby.

To Do:
1.  Spray paint the lantern red.
2.  Add more candies
3.  Add some red candle holders
4.  Add white candles and tie a red ribbon around them.
5.  Add some boxes or books for height.

I will not rush, I will not dash, I will not push, I will not shove, I will not have a break down.

To Be Continued...


Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Wonderful Weekend: A Baby Shower

It was a weekend of wonderfuls...

A wonderfully special time with my girl.

I don't know that I've ever seen my baby girl
more happy or more beautiful.

Sure makes for one happy mama.



(The flowers were made of onsies, 
footies and bathclothes.) 

Ribbons and Lace


More Clothes

a few of a girl's favorite things.

The food was pretty and delicious. 

It was quite a spread.  

We ate...

we drank...

and, we were merry:)

My daughter-in-law had worked so hard 
and had to leave.
She got a call that her Papaw, 
who had suffered a stroke this week,
had taken a turn for the worse. 

Sometimes we laugh together, sometimes we cry.
This day we did both.
Please keep her family in your prayers. 

Many friends and family have walked this journey along beside us.

So many were there to cry with us, 
pray for us, 
and walk beside us. 

We prayed and waited with others
as others prayed and waited with us. 

No one will ever know the prayers prayed 
by the moms of this pretty girl.

I never gave up hope.  
Just once?
No, not ever.
A mama hangs on with strong, stubborn faith,
believing in what seems impossible.  

My sister was MY support.
She was ever interceding.
At times, I thought my heart would burst into pieces
but I'd call my sister.  I knew she'd take it to the feet of Jesus.

Read their story of infertility here.

God makes beauty from ashes.

A wife lost a husband,
two children lost their dad
and four grandchildren lost a Papa.
Troy lost an uncle,
 his mom lost a brother.

Questions, yes.
Somethings we will never understand.

A new baby brings joy in the midst of pain.

These girls made music together.
These days they dance to the tune 
of little ones.

This baby girl has stolen my heart.

This little man makes me laugh.

Can't wait to see what they think of our newest little angel.


Three times a BonBon!