Vintage Girl 901

Vintage Girl 901

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Have you ever found yourself needing a extra measure of GRACE?

I was up half the night coughing.
Dragged myself out of bed at 10:00 am.
Yes, that's 11:00 AM Georgia time, my GA friends. 
Having a dose of some concoction of fruit and honey
and a good dose of God's Word, 
I'm still here in my pjs.

I'm finding myself needing an extra dose of GRACE.
Noah found GRACE in the eyes of the Lord.
Jonah must have NEEDED an extra measure of GRACE.
I sure do.

Prayerfully scanning BAM for a book 
on personal developement, 
I surrendered Zig and Maxwell and Brown
and went to find Lifeway.

Anyway, I'm already reading ZIG.

Today I started a God-ordained study on Jonah.

Sharing with you from Priscilla Shirer...

We planned one thing for our lives and yet our current situation looks nothing like what we had in mind.  Someone tampered with our ambitions, goals, and dreams.  The yellow-brick road of our lives veered off in some unexpected direction.

Been there?
I'm there.
Have been for several years now.

Mr. H and I were talking last night
after finding out that I didn't get the job that I had been told I had
(something to do with HR, I was told.  REALLY?),

"Do you know how it feels not to be working in what you have been gifted in?"

Some changes we're delighted with, others disappoint us and leave us buried in questions.

What do your questions look like?

Ok, God, I answered your call a long time ago.
What's the deal?
I'm stuck.
Hey, I'm still here God. I'm waiting on you.

Huh, you're waiting on me?

Without a firm belief in the goodness and the care of God, we can spend years mad at ourselves, mad at others, or even mad at HIM because we didn't get to accomplish what we originally set out to do. 

Do you think He's speaking to me???
Have you not heard me say all of this before?

Reworking our view of God and His plans is our goal.  We need, as did the prophet Jonah, a fresh view of God.
Still gotta find the right spot for the sign. Somewhere I can see it often!

God, help me to see that the interruptions in my life, 
the disappointments and setbacks may be 
your Divine Intervention.

Give me GRACE as I wait, 


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Three Little Pumpkins

Since I still have no voice, I am reading alot
and doing a few projects.

Thankful for my three little pumpkins,



Remember the window pane in the pile of junk?
I don't photograph very well, 
but the natural patina on this pane is incredible.

While pickin' on Saturday, I found this creamer
and the Scrabble tiles.  
No "K," but I think you can feel my heart here.

When we're sick and down for a while, 
we need something visible to remind us to speak Thanksgiving.

I'm posting my reasons everywhere!

It's not hard to count my blessings,
Pumpkins 1,2,3!

This little girl is my Pumpkin #3.

She dropped in to see us Sunday.
I pulled out her mommy's piano.
She was pulling up and singing and dancing.
Such joy!
Can you believe she will be 10 months on the 15th?

Yesterday was a beautiful day.
Little pumpkin #1 and I went to the park.

He has such a sweet heart. 
He said, "BonBon, what's wrong with your throat?"
I said, "Baby, just remember to pray for me tonight
when you say your prayers."
He didn't wait.  He prayed right there!
Mommy and Daddy have taught him well.

Pumpkin #2 is a straight mess.
Personality oozes out of her.
She's the little one who walks around the restaurants
having and speaking to everyone.
A charmer is she!

I bought her some Rapunzel heels yesterday.
Miss Priss she is!
Don't tell this girl you can't run in heels.

Don't forget to pray for Hutch.
He's going to MD Anderson in Texas in a few weeks.
He's got a long way to go,
but we are not without hope. 
Our youth at home raised $2000 with a Yard Sale/Bake Sale.
They surely do know how to love!

With a Grateful and Hope-filled Heart, 


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Simple Fall Decorating

Fall is in the air!
I loved the snippet of cool
that met me this morning in the patio. 

I'm not a sweater girl.
Too much excess baggage to wear excess.

Nothing hangs well on things that hang. 

I worked on a few projects yesterday.
Pulled out the lantern and filled it with Fall florals.

It's dark and damp here.
The light wasn't very good so I just pic-monkeyed it.

Filling lanterns, bird houses, ironstone bowls, just about anything
 with Dollar Tree finds is an easy way to decorate simply
and without spending an arm and a leg.

Simple is all I know. 

Happy Saturday!


Friday, October 2, 2015

First Nashville Celebrity Meet

My first-Nasvhille celebrity-meet was
last night at The Gondola House.

No, I didn't see Lady A.
Just the mom!
It was country come to town,
better yet, 
rural redneck GA 
come to Music City, USA.

A beautiful lady sits in the booth next to me.

We're all crazy with the grandkids
having a big ole time.
The little one is pulling the pizza pan and the 
table cloth off the table, 
the middle one is running from table to table, 
the oldest one is entertaining Grandy
and Grandy is being a real goof ball.

When this gorgeous lady says to
my daughter in law. 
"Don't I know you?"

"Yes, I'm Christina.  How's Hillary?"

I'm like, whoooooa, just a minute.

I remembered that Christina graduated
from Donalson Christian Academy
with Hillary Scott,
THE Hilliary Scott
with Lady Antebellum.

So, I'm in this conversation

"Are you Linda Davis
and your daughter is ahhhh, ahhhhh,?"

sputter sputter, stutter, stutter.

Hand extended, "Yes Hillary, I am Linda, and you are?"

sputter, sputter, stutter, stutter

All the time, my son is kicking me under the table 
and whispering in my ear, 
"Shut up, Mama."

No sirree, I will not be silenced.

"I'm Bonnie Dave Haywood is my second cousin
His dad is my first cousinYou sang with my cousin 
in Augusta, GA at the church ladies retreatHer dad
and I are/were best friends growing upUhhhh he married 
my best friend."
(yes, just like breath.)

"Oh they are a great family," as gracious as she could be.

"Yes, we have a great family."
(What did I just say?)

"Did you say family?  Are you in the Haywood family?"
Linda Davis asks.

"Yes, first cousins."

"Oh, I thought you said you were best friends."

"No mam, I mean yes, mam, Dave's dad and I are first cousins."

All the time, my son is kicking me. 

Yes, I think I made a fool of myself 
and the family.
Sorry, family.

This is what you call country-come-to-town.

Yelp, Dave, the guitar guy?
That's my cousin!

He's a replicate of my brother at his age.  
You'd have to see it to believe it!

The family is pushing me out the door
when I discover my shoe string is untied.
I must have looked like a real idiot!

Oh, who cares!
I'm going to see Chris Tomlin Thursday night!

No, I will not deny that I am absolutely crazy
about it.
Who cares if I'm a fool for Jesus!
Yes, I will act like an idiot!
I will abandon all restraints to worship,
no not Chris Tomlin, but the one for Whom he sings.

Call me an idiot!