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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cora's Bedroom

Cora Joy
has brought us pure joy.

I spent the weekend smooching on
and snuggling with our little angel.

I honestly thought I had blogged 
her bedroom, but I couldn't find
where I had. 

I love all the design ideas 
that I learn from my children.

Knowing how crazy I am about 
shabby and chippy, 
I just had to show the mirror first. 

The natural patina on the frame and the mirror
make my heart sing. 
This is aging to perfection and PINK!

  A close up view of the mirror, 
shows the crocheted hearts banner.

Here you can see a larger reflection of the room.

This is new, but resembles the vintage dotted chenille 
that was so popular in the 50's.
I love it! 
It covered the changing table.

Christina covered the embroidery looms 
with fabrics to tie together the pink and the yellow.

She covered her name with the same fabric, and

used some of the fabric to create framed art.


The sweet bedding was owls and birdies. 

Christina is a big Harry Potter fan
and so is Con-Con.
I just love to hear him say, 
"Hawwy Potta,"

This was hand-made, 

and so was this one
monogrammed with Cora's sweet name.

A close up view of the chenille and printed fabric. 

The C was hand-made by Cora's mommy.  

Please pardon the blur, but I couldn't not 
show you the lamp.  I really like it!
I especially like her sweet bows and ribbons. 
Already a girlie-girl.  
Her mom was a soccer girl, a basketball player, 
and a cheerleader. 
So she can be both!

The room is darling, 
but this little girl is the cutest darling of all. 

Our Little Cora-bug is a sweetie for sure!

There sure is enough love in Bonbon's heart 
for more! It only gets bigger and bigger.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Cottage Bathroom

My daughter and son-in-law 
wanted to turn their bathroom
into a cottage-bath.

I am linking with Coastal Charm Linky Party,
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I played around with Picmonkey
to create the look of yester-years.

Troy, my SIL, can google anything
and it's done in a weekend. 

He planked the walls and spray-painted them.

He had the repurposed wooden shelves 
custom made for their small space
by an Etsy shop.
The baskets are great for holding and hiding
His and Hers.

Bottles and mercury glass are always great accent pieces,

and are practical for holding cotton balls
and Q-tips.

It was hard to get the lighting right
with no window,but I hope you get the idea
of what a great finished project this turned out to be.

The next step is a barn door.

Enjoying some Coastal Charm Today.


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Monday, July 21, 2014

A Fun Day, A Fun Place

And now, as Paul Harvey would say, 
"This is the rest of the story."

On Saturday we celebrated 
with a shopping trip to the Opry Mills Outlet Mall
to buy outfits for the girls.
Of course, our purchases were from the $3.99 rack.

This little fellow had a blast!
He went from one activity to another.
He guarded his territory, for sure. 
It was like an inside playground.

Our Connor-man was a mess.
As long as he was eating or playing he was happy.

Okay, I'm not a Titan fan, but this place was fun!

I was crazy about the rusty/crusty walls,

and the vintage decor.

It was a fun place.
And the BBQ was yummy!

Cora was an angel baby.
Christy is getting plenty of experience. 

The photos are not clear. 
The lighting was terrible and I couldn't fix it,
but did I tell you it was a fun place. 

Having Fun!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Celebrate Good Times, Come ON!

If there's anything that helps the sinking feeling 
of depression, it is time with my children. 

This weekend was an incredible celebration 
of NEW Life!
I can't begin to tell you how elated 
we all were.  
Connor says he's having "a baby cousin."
Cora is going to have a playmate.

These photos of Grandy and his Connor-man
are priceless.
I'll let you judge for yourelf.

DAY 1: Thursday evening

They started out watching Toy Story.

Connor was spellbound.  

Somebody's got somebody's nose.

Mr. H said, "I could eat this up!"

Can you see that look of adoration?

And then the fun began.

Why is it that boys, big and small 
like to wrestle?
It always scares me to death!

 Of course, there was BonBon and Cora time.

She is one happy little girl.

A sleeping beauty for sure!

A doll-baby for sure!

We celebrated all weekend.


My son and daughter in law were so excited 
for his big sister and brother in law.

All of my girls are excited.

Connor wanted to celebrate with ice cream.
"Chocolate, my favorite."

At the end of the day, this was one tuckered out little boy
and we were one happy family.

More to Come...