White Lace and Promises

White Lace and Promises

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life Stuff

What is wrong with me?

I'm in a blogger's fog.  I am blank.  Can't read.  Can't write.
Want to read.  Want to write.
Just blank.  blah...

Follow my choppy, fragmented sentences.
David home Monday.

Entire plant furloughed.

One plant closed.

Hip surgery scheduled.

Are we covered?

Must do before move.

Hot water heater leak.
Floor warped.
Wall splitting.

AC/Heat unit out.

Bloggers fog?
Don't think so.

Life stuff.
Prayers appreiated.

Calgon takes me away!


But hey!

Nerium, GREAT!

Babies, GREAT!

Package before furlough, GREAT!

JOY in it all!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Faith Journey

There's not much Spring around here.
I've not seen many daffodils.

The rooms are getting emptier as we prepare to move
so I'm not decorating for Spring until we get our new place.

One room is filled with boxes.
We plan to list the house this week.
Not many bites since the first week so
I guess it's gonna take an agent.

My children are getting excited.
I'm anxious to see them and hold the babies. 
I'm going this week to look for apartments. 

This baby girl turns ONE next month.  I can not believe it!

I just couldn't resist this caption!

My little boy and his sister are already learning how to give by filling their "Alabaster" box with money for missions.

Can you believe that our youngest baby girl was ever a preemie!

I just love the way my children and grandchildren love each other. 

My Nerium business is growing.  I am building a team of men and women of integrity. Yes, 52% of our company are men. I pray as I give out my products that each person will be blessed.  It's a pleasure to share something that can change lives.  

I look forward to getting to Nashville to build my business with my children.  I reached my goal this month, became a brand partner, ranked up to Sr. Brand Partner and made a $500 bonus. I made back my investment and made another $400.  It's been the easiest money I've made.  Simply love it and share it!  Our company says, "It's a Nerium thing."  I'll add, "It's a God-thing."

I'm on a faith-journey.  I am committing and trusting.  He promises to act.  I believe!


Linda, I need a new siggy:)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

"I Will Be With You Wherever You Go"

Much has happened since my last post.
Yet, there is much more that must happen.

To make a long story short,
my husband came home from work last Friday and said, 
"A package has been offered and I need to accept."

We talked to our children, his mom, our sisters and brothers
and now we are selling our home,
praying for a job with insurance,
looking for a house in Nasvhille,
and believing God to supply our needs.

Whew!  I am truly still in shock.
This is an unfamiliar path.
Like Joshua, we have never walked this way before.

We've raised our children in this house.
It is home.
I am filled with much sentiment.

I love my small home.
Only a little over 1000 sq. ft. it has housed my favorites.

In the small living room, our daughter accepted Jesus.
In that same room, my husband rocked me
as we both prayed for her healing of what
looked like a serious disease.

Every small part holds a piece of my heart.

Humble, yet mighty.

The things I can hold in my hands, I will carry with me,
as well as the things that I can not.

Each room holds a memory.
I've touched doorposts and doorknobs and
bedposts and prayed a hedge of protections around them.

I've prayed for a scared little boy who was
tormented in his sleep and an insecure
little girl who wanted to please.

I've listened endless hours to a little girl practice vocals and lines for a play.

Day after day, I watched a little boy take batting practice
in the living room and shoot hoops above his bedroom door.

I've sat on back steps and watched a boy and a girl
and their daddy hit, catch and run bases.
Over time, the grass beaten down by little feet,
became a baseball diamond.

I've prayed in my room before bedtime
while a little boy asked,
"Mommy, are you praying."
"Yes, baby it's me."

In this house,
I've known victories and defeats,
joy and sorrow,
emptiness and full,
uncertainty and peace.
having little but possessing everything.

"Have I not commanded you?
Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified,
do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God
will be with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

Trusting in the ONE who will be with me wherever I go.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Taking a Break

As you know, I'm trying to launch my Nerium business.

I really want this to work.  
I really need for this to work. 

In January, my husband learned that 
the company that he works for 
was about to start lay-offs.
Contractors were released a month ago.
The company has been running at 25%.

A couple of weeks ago, 
the company offered packages for those 
who would volunteer to take a severance package 
and retire early.

That was not an option for us. 
Thursday my husband came in very distraught,
to say the least. 
When he got in that morning, his assistant 
had been escorted to his car and asked to turn in 
his keys, his phone, and to clean out his desk.

This man has a family, a wife and a young teenage daughter. 
They are very close to us and we attend church together. 
Please pray for this family and for David as his work load will increase
and we deeply care about our friends.

I will be taking some time off to care for my family.
Please pray for God's provision and His direction.

Tomorrow night, I will be hosting my Nerium Launch Party.
Please pray for attendance.  Please pray that everyone there 
will be uplifted in the presence of other women.
If this step is God's will for me, I pray for responses.
I really believe God wants me to lead a team of women. 
This may be a chance to make a difference and provide for my family too.

Thank you my friends. 
I'll be back. 
Just need some time away.

Those of you who would I correspond with by email are welcome to email me 
and I will be happy to respond.