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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Is there Country In Your County?

There's so much country in our county.

At one time, Deepstep was a buzzing little town.
There was even a school.

This was the country store.  
Don't you just love the benches on the front porch?
I can just see men sitting here shooting the breeze
while waiting on the misses to grab some grub.

One time we were driving down a country road
when our car gave out of gas. 
Daddy knew someone on a farm nearby who had a gas tank. 
 I suppose the tank was for supplying fuel for the farm equipment.
The man wouldn't let Daddy pay him. 
I wonder why some memories stand out like this one?

Green is the tractor color of choice
in this neck of the woods. 

In the town that I grew up in,
there was an International (Red) Tractor Co.
and a John Deere (Green) Tractor Co.
down the road.

The big argument discussion around here was 
who made the best tractor.

There was country store in every town
with a Mom and Pop store on every corner.

When I see these little roads,
I think of the song, "Country Roads Take Me Home."

 This is home to one of my friends.
Is this not beautiful?

So thankful that God's promises are true and sure.

Do you have country in your county?

Hope you enjoy your day of rest tomorrow, 


Friday, August 29, 2014

Some Whites After Labor Day

Today was no different 
with no rain and high temps.
It's still summer and will be for awhile 
even after Labor Day.

Does the fashion rule still apply, 
no whites after Labor Day?

I think you'll agree to a few whites.

This Cinderella pumpkin could go in the pink room.

This is one of my favorite vignettes.
It could sit it on my kitchen faux mantle. 
I pinned it a couple of years ago,
enough color to be natural and white to be bright.

I think I will change the bow to be an ivory/natural color.
I will definitely add the cotton to my wreath
to complete the vignette. 

I could do this,

and this.
Simply Shabby Chiccy

I think this will be on my front porch soon!

So, what ya think?

Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend.
I will miss my family so I'll try to just 
get some projects done to put in my booth.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Please Turn the Heat Off!

It's still steamy here!

The beach doesn't even attract me.
I'm so over this heat. 

I tell you what!
Today, I was a substitute for the 8th grade classes.
The baddest bunch I have EVER taught, and I can't say, 
"A mean little girl without a daddy."
They were just B-A-D, BAD!

Yes, sirree!
Talk about being run over!
I'll admit it!
My bad, tough self!
They slap ran all over me and jumped 
and hooped and hollered and high-fived about it too.

I have NEVER, did you hear me????
NEEEEEEEEVER been so humiliated and shown
such disrespect. 

And get this, 
some kid turned the heat on.
Oh yeah, the heat was on, 
and I'm talking 80 degrees.

So I'm dreaming of Fall.
I'll show you some of my favorite pins. 

Last year I used whites. 
This year I may add color. 
The verdict is still out.

These I can do. 

Does anyone remember apple-bobbing?

I think this would look great 
as a centerpiece for a farm table. 
Don't you agree?

Oh how I wish I had a fireplace. 
Do you think "cozy" when you look at this?

This is cute and easy, but think about this with candy corn.

I can just smell the yummy.

Easy peasy!

A box or drawer, 
fall berries and pumpkins
and candles from the Dollar Tree
and less than $10.

I can do something like this with my white jars!
Yes, I can!

No, I didn't scream, 
"Please turn the heat off!"
I'm not ready for 50 degrees either
and they would show me two opposite extremes,
I'm sure. 

I told the teacher next door, 
"These kids are out of control."

She said, "Yes.  Now you know why we can't keep a substitute."


Somebody's got to love them. 
But I think I'd rather love on 
the little ones. 

Can we turn the heat off?


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When I Was an Activity Director

When I was an activity director,
everyday was filled with activity.

This was the backdrop for one of our Mr. & Mrs. NH pageants.

When I was an activity director, 
I wore more than one hat.

Some days I was a domestic engineer
(a foo foo name for housekeeper).

Some days I was a food service manager.
( a glorified name for being on lunchroom duty)

Some days I was a nurse 
(without the degree)
healing boo boos with kisses.

Some days I was a Certified Nursing Assistant, 
wiping noses and cleaning nails.

Some days I was the social service director,
dealing with problems that went home with me.

Some days I was an accountant, 
trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip 
while balancing the activity fund.

When I was an activity director, 
on a given day, I have been known 
to assist with transfer of a 300 pound resident
just to make sure that the resident
was able to attend the only activity he enjoyed, 
yes BINGO.

When I was an activity director
I cringed at the word BINGO.

I wish I had thought of this then:)

When I was an activity director, 
I was hugged and/or kissed everyday.

I was surrounded by people 
who made me smile.

I got excited 
when a resident yelled "Bingo."

When I was an activity director, 
I tried to make each event an experience
and each experience an event.

I knew that I was making a difference
every day of my life. 

When I was an activity director, 
my motto was 
"Every day is a celebration of life."

Shouldn't that be our motto every day?

So let's blow up some balloons and have a party!